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After 3 years research we finally projected images of Edweard Muybridge’s Horse in Motion onto the clouds direct from an aeroplane.

Our journey takes us from the initial inspiration of a US Military projection weapon through a series of prototypes developed through conversation and collaboration, pilots, scientists, makers, early cinema specialists, weapons experts, cultural theorists. artists, sailors and cloud appreciators.  All leading to a series of successful flights with the Laser Zoopraxiscope Mk6, a redesign of Edweard Muybridges’ projection technology from 1887 repurposed with a laser light source. This will be the first presentation of this project since it’s initial success in 2015, described as a ground breaking world first by New Scientist Magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 23.46.27

Click the Image to read the article.

Dave Lynch and Mike Nix, presented the findings at Leeds Museum on the 4th of July, to a sold out audience of 250.  The talk showcased the experimental prototypes, tactics and techniques, alongside the highs, lows and serendipity of interdisciplinary ways of working, collaborative research and play.  Their aim to sharing their process as a model for best practice to inspire others.

A recording of the presentation will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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The inspiration was to create an open source cloud projector to share with artists and activists as a means for creative expression.  3 years on, it was something quite different, the project evolved into a story of genuine collaboration, sharing knowledge and creating new ways of thinking across many disciplines.   We specifically stayed away from commercial requests to keep the clouds a sacred space, away from logos and social media stunts, which many are pursuing.  We all have a relationship to the clouds, the sense of looking up and dreaming, we hope Project Nimbus inspires people to believe in big ideas and consider that through collaboration we can all push the boundaries of what we know.


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The Laser Zoopraxiscope by Dave Lynch, Mike Nix, Aaron Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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An Exploration into Natural and Artificial Cloud Projection

Project Nimbus is the exploration of digital and analogue techniques to project moving images onto clouds from the ground, sea level and aircraft including: planes, paragliders & hot air balloons.  The project aims to deliver multiple projection installations onto clouds, cooling towers, steam trains and urban vents.

The experimental projection devices fuse old and new methods developed from ubiquitous technology.  The project is the realisation of 5 years research to experiment with some of the theoretical ideas and prototypes developed through conversation and collaboration with a host of contributors including  physicists, cultural experts, artists, makers, aviators, sailors and cloud appreciators.

The project is part research into art/ science collaborative practice between Dave Lynch and Mike Nix.

Dave-an-d-Mike LaserZoopMk5-WEB Laser Zoopraxiscope

Update 18.3.15

The Laser Zoopraxiscope Mk VI, originally a projection system from the 1800s invented by Edweard Muybridge has been redesigned in collaboration with Mike Nix, The makers at Oomlout and a host of other contributors.

To see the journey so far visit the timeline page for a break down of the inventions and milestones which have brought us thus far or read the previous Update 4|11|13  containing news of the redesigning of the lens system in a letter to early cinema specialist, Stephen Herbert.

We are proud to say that the project has received support from the Arts Council England & Leeds Inspired to work in partnership with FACT Liverpool to   review the vast 3 year archive and produce  new ways to see the project  including a bookwork and talk on the process of Art | Science collaboration on the 4th of July 2015.


nimbus [ˈnɪmbəs]

         n pl -bi [-baɪ], -buses

1. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography)

        a.  a dark grey rain-bearing cloud

        b.  (in combinationcumulonimbus clouds

2. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms)

       a.  an emanation of light surrounding a saint or deity

       b.  a representation of this emanation

3. a surrounding aura or atmosphere

[from Latin: cloud, radiance]

         nimbused  adj


PLEASE NOTE: The laser devices are under research and development in this project are still going under going risk assessment and must not be attempted to be created without professional help.  Any attempt to do so is completely at your own risk.